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The need for more ICT4D theorizing from the South
Don’t borrow theories from elsewhere. Build your own! Make sure that you incorporate some indigenous concepts into the theory so that we can learn new things.

Robert Davison
Issues in the global-south, by the global-south, for the global-south
In order for ICT4D to have an impact in the global south, domain challenges need to be addressed – with technology as only a fraction of the solution.

Caroline Khene

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Call for workshops

We invite submission of proposals for workshops by 13th December 2019. Workshops offer a space for participants with shared common interests to meet for focused and interactive engagements on issues related to the conference theme and to the ICT4D domain. Workshops can take various formats including lectures, tutorials, interactive discussions, lightning talks, panels, posters or hands-on exercises.

Each workshop proposal will be reviewed for suitability and alignment with the conference theme.

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Welcome to IDIA2020 online!

The 11th International Development Informatics Association conference (IDIA2020) will take place in Macau from 25 – 27 March 2020. It is organized by the United Nations University Institute on Computing and Society under the theme “The more things change …”

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