Virtual Participation Information

All sessions at IDIA2020 will be hosted in a Zoom virtual meeting room.  Participation in all the IDIA2020 virtual sessions is free – use the Zoom link below to register to participate.

While there will be moderators in every session of the conference, we need everybody’s cooperation to ensure a pleasant experience for both the participants and the speakers. Below is a list of good practices and some house rules to guide your participation in the IDIA2020 virtual conference.

General information

  • The schedule of the presentations, with abstracts, is available on the program page. Please note that the time on the program is specified in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) standard.
  • A Google calendar of the conference sessions is available here.
  • Each paper will be allocated 30 minutes, roughly 20 minutes for the presentation and 10 minutes for Q&A

Before the conference

  • Zoom: Download the Zoom desktop or mobile app in your device and familiarize yourself with the various tools and functionalities of the app (mute/unmute; screenshare, etc)
  • Bio and contact details: To facilitate virtual interaction and networking between participants, please share your bio and social networking details by filling in this form
  • For presenters:
    • Connection test: Schedule a Zoom demonstration and connection test session via this form
    • Presentation slides: Send us your presentation slides
    • Presentation recording: If there are concerns with your connection speed, send us a recording of your presentation
  • Book of abstracts: Access the conference abstract book for an overview of the accepted papers
  • Social media: Publicize and share the conference on your social media and professional networks using the hashtags #IDIA2020 + #ICT4D and our handle @idia2020
  • Device: Do a final check of your device’s audio and video tools before the session starts.
  • Location: Make sure that you are in a place with a stable internet connection. If you are using a wireless connection, it is best if you are located near your router.  Also choose a quiet location where there is minimal ambient noise.
  • Join a session: Use the link above to join the conference sessions.

During the conference

  • DO: Use your full name and for presenters also include your paper id (e.g. “John Doe (#55)”) to join the conference session
  • DO: Use the screen share feature to share your slides during your presentation
  • DO: Raise hand. During the Q&A, if you want to ask a question or make a comment, use the raise hand function in Zoom located under the Participants (Alt+U) tab and wait for the moderator to acknowledge you. Please state your name and affiliation before you speak up so this can be noted by the moderators.
  • DO: Join the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtags #IDIA2020 + #ICT4D
  • DON’T: Interrupt speakers when they are presenting. Send us your questions via Mentimeter, using the meeting code – to be shared on the day of the conference. While questions can be asked anonymously on Mentimeter, we suggest that you add your name to your questions, to facilitate interactive follow-up.

After the conference

  • Continue the engagement with the conference attendees via the various social networking (e.g., LinkedIn, ResearchGate, Twitter) channels